Company Profile

Over the past 8 years, BBTANK has become an established leader in CBD/THC vape hardware design and manufacturing with 125 patents earning multiple awards in the USA. BBTANK has pioneered the vape system with disposable pens, vape cartridges, exchangeable pods, batteries, becoming the most reliable vape device partner and the NO.1 vape device manufacturer in the industry.

 BBTANK operates two custom engineered, high volume manufacturing facilities near the headquarters Shenzhen. BBTANK is proud to be one of three companies in the CBD/THC industry to have both ISO9001 and GMP certification. Currently, BBTANK has more than 2500 workers, 20 workshops, and 100 production lines, which enables BBTANK to confidently guarantee any size order to any customer.

 Advancing from its continuous innovation and powerful R&D ability, BBTANK releases new vape device collections every year. BBTANK collections distinguish themselves every year and help customers do the same.

  • BBGear Ceramic Heating Technology

    After several years of research and engineering for the best vaping system experience, BBTANK has upgraded its ceramic technology with the 5th BBGear Ceramic coil. Using “Micro Gear Construction” inside the coil, allowing consistent contact time and delivering authentic flavors from the first to the last draw.

  • GMP Workshop

    BBTANK is GMP certified and sincerely committed to producing healthy, clean and safe vape devices for customers. GMP regulations ensure BBTANK has implemented advanced equipment, high standard production processes, strict and full sets of quality management systems to provide safe and sanitary standards to customers and employees. BBTANK has been continually developing higher standards of excellence.


BBTANK’s laboratory is the core of the company. The sophistication of the research, design, and testing done in the laboratory is the key competitive advantage to delivering industry leading products each year. The laboratory is well managed, well resourced, and well equipped with 11 large-scale, high precision testing systems. BBTank’s purpose is to produce the most reliable and safe vape devices for the market.
BBTANK’s ISO 9001 Certification expresses true devotion to supplying customers with premium products. The standard of excellence starts with vetting of raw material supplies and inspection of all input products. At BBTANK, consumers' safety has always been the first priority so every input and final product receives all kind of stringent testing before adopting. 

These quality control procedures have set a precedent for industrial quality standards for the market. 
● Raw Material Inspections                      ● Semi-finished Product Testing
● Process Inspections                              ● Finished Product Testing
● Battery Cell Aging Testing                     ● Battery Capacity Testing
● Simulated Oil Leak Testing

BBTANK has a well-resourced laboratory equipped with sophisticated testing and analysis equipment, conducting quality control procedures. 
● Load Pressure Testing                                 ● leakage testing 
● High and Low Temperature Testing             ● Simulated Vaping Testing
● Puff-counter Testing                                     ● Vibrating Testing
● Abra­sion Wear Testing                                 ● Draw Resistance Testing

  • R&D Department

    BBTANK’s commitment to R&D is how BBTank commits to producing vape devices of excellent quality. Advancing from the effort of the R&D dept, BBTANK continues to deliver vape products at the forefront of the needs of the CBD/THC industry. Currently, the R&D Department has a branch in both manufacturing facilities and has multiple teams.
    ● ID Design Team                                       ● Product Structure Team
    ● IC Optimizing Team                                 ● Vaporizer Technology Improvement Team
    ● Heating Coil Performance Team

  • ODM service

    BBTANK has extensive experience in ODM services helping brands quickly relate to customers and claim more market share. Many market leaders incorporate BBTank products into their product lines.

  • 5th BBGEAR Ceramic

    After several year's dedications to the studies and research on the heating element, BBTANK has developed the 5th BBGEAR ceramic heating coil. This innovative heating element breakthrough has been tailored specifically to CBD/THC viscosities to deliver a clear taste and rich vaping experience.

  • BBTANK Pod System

    BBTANK also independently developed its own Pod System. By delivering flavorful vapor and large puffs, it became the best in the industry and the most popular on the market, which helped many customers to customize exclusive models.


    BBTANK continues to disrupt industry standards, unrivaled in performance with its cutting-edge technology.


    By establishing BBTANK USA in 2016, BBTANK has provided consis­tent and reliable services locally in the USA. By being close to the market, BBTANK is able to understand the front line of the industry and design quickly to market needs.
    BBTANK USA is your industry partner with experience and dedication.

  • BBTANK Canada

    BBTank continues to see an increasing presence in the Canadian market. BBTank Canada was established in 2019 to elevate the CBD/THC industry with service, product quality, and customer satisfaction in Canada.

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