Date:2021-03-15Browse times:1673

BBTANK has its own shipping solution to avoid the impact of PACT

Recent regulatory restrictions related to electronic vaping devices caused many major carriers including 

FedEx, UPS, USPS, TNT, and DHL to prohibit the shipment of vaping products. The related vape devices 

(e.g. cartridges, disposable vape products, pod & batteries), products, and accessories are all included in this 

prohibition. And this will apply to All parties who ship vape-related products. So many clients are very 

concerned and worried about it. 

As your most reliable partner, BBTANK always backs your up with 100% effort. 

To a great extent, the shipments won't be affected for the medium and large bulk scale of orders, we can 

continue to adopt our current special freight shipping channel to avoid PACT. Meanwhile, we have been 

working diligently to seek new ways for small parcels in the Western, Eastern and Central of America. 

Please contact us with any questions to ensure a steady and uninterrupted 

supply of your vape products. 

Thank you for your continued support!