What makes BBTANK act an important role in the CBD market now?

Date:2021-01-15Browse times:899

What makes BBTANK act an important role in the CBD market now?


As a well-known brand in CBD vape industry, BBTANK led a very successful trend of atomizer across the USA in the past few years.
it created a sales myth that surprised many of us. In our impression, BBTANK is not only the synonym for ceramic core atomizer and
disposable pen, but also the pioneer of hemp vape device in the new era. It has won a group of loyal followers with simple design
and good quality.


Besides it’s classical ceramic core atomizer and disposable pen, I believe many of you know that the most outstanding
vape battery - KEY BOX. It has attracted a large number of small and medium-sized customers to build their brand name of it.


As a leading enterprise in the industry, BBTANK continue to invest a lot to develop much environmentally friendly and healthy products.


People have been talking about the problem of heavy metal this whole year, especially in MI, they have added the Copper and Nickle to
the testing, facing such a huge challenge, we did researches on some Vape factories but the result tells us only a few of them passed the
normal US standard test. The result from MI is even worse only the all glass made atomizers could pass like the X from BBTANK, this
company maintains a pretty good high level of activity even after the failure of other brands, that sure explains something to a certain
extent. And according to the whole large-scale date we have obtained, the health issue have clearly become people’s top concern.
We have reason to believe that only a healthy and heavy metal free product could dispel people’s worries and become next hot to
lead the new trend. It needs to meet the needs of the market so it can make the industry continue to prosper.


The market will still maintain uncertain before the new bill come out. but we have to believe that medical marijuana can definitely
provide us more benefits, and it will never disappear on the stage of history. Therefore, we must advocate that consumers should
make the clear rationality of consumption. Because the future market will be more and more regularized and legalized. Only when
we solve the health problem, then can we make the Vape market to its new glory. We all look forward to that day!