Recently, some brands came to us and reported the quality issues of the 

all glass cartridge which caused them to suffer huge losses. After investigation, 

all these reported products are from the counterfeit companies. To protect our 

company's reputation, here we have to release our statement as below;

Shenzhen Shikai Technology Co.,Ltd developed and launched its full glass 

cartridge "BBTANK X" in January 2020 and applied Utility and Invention patents to 

both China and USPTO at the same time. Recently, there are couple of companies 

illegally copying our models and infringing our Utility and Invention patents, the faked 

products have seriously affected our brand reputation. In order to protect our 

intellectual properties, we are here to clarify that only the following 3 authorized 

companies have the permission to sell our patent models.

Shenzhen BBTANK Technology Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen BBTANK VAPE Technology Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Babyton Technology Co.,Ltd

And to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the companies, we 

solemnly declare that: 

Anyone infringing or intending to infringe upon the BBTANK's brand and 

product interests must immediately stop its illegal act, otherwise 

Shenzhen Shikai Technology Co.,Ltd shall resort to the law to investigate the 

legal liability of the infringers.

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